Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Billings MT: Explore Now

Whether you’re a local or just passing through Billings, Montana offers plenty of exciting activities. From exploring art galleries and historical sites to enjoying the great outdoors, there are fun things to do in Billings MT.

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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Billings MT

Billings, Montana, might surprise you! It’s not just a big sky with a boring name. This vibrant city bursts with fun for all ages, interests, and affordable budgets.

Whether you’re a family looking for a getaway or a solo traveler seeking adventure, Billings has something for you.

Why Billings?

  • Variety: Explore museums, hike stunning trails, or indulge in delicious local food. Billings offers something for everyone.
  • Hidden Gem: Billings is an off-the-beaten-path destination that won’t disappoint.
  • Budget-Friendly: Experience Montana without breaking the bank! Billings boasts free attractions and affordable activities.

Ready to explore? Let’s dive into the top 10 fun things to do in Billings MT!

fun things to do in billings mt

1. Explore the Yellowstone Art Museum

The Yellowstone Art Museum is a must-visit destination in Billings.

This stunning museum showcases an impressive collection of contemporary and historic art from the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains regions.

The exhibits are thoughtfully curated and offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

From paintings and sculptures to photographs and installations, there’s something for everyone at the Yellowstone Art Museum.

One of the highlights of the museum is the Visible Vault, where you can see how the museum’s collection is stored and cared for.

It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into preserving these treasured works of art.

2. Visit Pictograph Cave State Park

Travel back in time at Pictograph Cave State Park! Here, you can see some of the oldest cave drawings in North America.

This cool park has three main caves. Prehistoric hunters left behind more than 100 pictures on the cave walls, some over 2,000 years old!

The best way to see the caves is to follow the easy paved trail that loops for a quarter mile. Signs along the trail explain the park’s history.

Once you reach the caves, you can explore them on your own and marvel at the ancient art. If you feel brave, bring binoculars and hike some of the other park trails.

Pictograph Cave State Park sits in a beautiful area with amazing views of the Yellowstone River Valley.

3. Discover the Western Heritage Center

Dive deep into the history of the Yellowstone River Valley at the Western Heritage Center.

This regional museum tells the stories of the people, places, and events that shaped the area from prehistoric times to the present day.

Through engaging exhibits and interactive displays, you’ll learn about everything from the indigenous tribes that first called this land home to the settlers who arrived in the 1800s.

The museum also features rotating exhibits that showcase different aspects of the region’s rich history and culture. One of the highlights of the Western Heritage Center is the opportunity to see artifacts up close.

From ancient arrowheads to vintage clothing, the museum’s collection is truly impressive.

4. Tour the Historic Moss Mansion

Take a trip back to the early 1900s with a tour of the amazing Moss Mansion! Built in 1903, this house shows how rich people in Billings lived way back then.

Imagine walking through all 28 rooms, filled with the furniture, lights, and decorations the Moss family used to have.

Every part of the mansion is incredible, from the big, fancy staircase to the detailed wood carvings.

You can take a guided tour year-round to learn all about the Moss family, who were very important in Billings’ history.

This is a must-see for anyone who likes history, beautiful buildings, or cool decorating styles.

5. Enjoy Comfort Food at The Sassy Biscuit Co.

Craving comfort food? The Sassy Biscuit Co. is your spot!

This comfy restaurant is famous for its yummy biscuits and gravy, but that’s not all.

One of their superstars is French toast made with fluffy biscuits instead of bread – super delicious! They also have sweet potato biscuits for a fun twist on a classic.

But hey, it’s not all about biscuits! The Sassy Biscuit Co. also serves other comfort food favorites like chicken and waffles or shrimp and grits.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to leave happy and full!

6. Have a Drink at The Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill

Looking for a chill place to relax in Billings? Look no further than The Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill!

This popular spot offers a variety of craft beers and ciders, along with delicious pub food. It’s cozy and inviting, with comfy seating and friendly staff—perfect for winding down after a day of exploring!

On top of the yummy drinks and food, The Last Chance Pub also has live music and other fun events happening sometimes.

Check their website or social media to see what’s going on when you visit.

7. Take in a Show at the Alberta Bair Theater

For a fun night out, The Alberta Bair Theater is the place to be!

This historic theater has been a Billings favorite since 1931, and they always have something exciting going on.

From musicals and plays to concerts and comedy shows, there’s something for everyone. The theater itself is beautiful and not too big, making it a great place to see a show.

Before the performance, grab a drink or snack at the theater’s bar to relax and get pumped up for the show!

8. Visit Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Museum

If you’re traveling with kids, the Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Museum is a must-visit destination.

This awesome museum is all about making science fun and exciting for kids. They can build stuff, explore the human body, and tons more – there’s something for every curious kiddo!

Wise Wonders even has special events sometimes, so check their calendar before you go.

One super cool part of the museum is the Discovery Room. Here, kids can dig for dinosaur bones, play with giant Legos, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

It’s the perfect place for them to learn and get some wiggles out at the same time

9. Hike the Four Dances Natural Area

For a dose of fresh air and stunning views, head to the Four Dances Natural Area.

This beautiful park has hiking trails that twist and turn through the Yellowstone River Valley, showing off amazing views everywhere you look.

One trail that’s really popular is the Four Dances Trail. It’s a medium difficulty hike that takes you to a spot with a super scenic view of the entire valley.

On the way, you’ll walk through fields bursting with wildflowers and might even see some of the cool animals that live there. Binoculars are a must-have for this park!

There are all sorts of birds, like bald eagles, and ospreys. You might even spot some bigger animals like deer or bighorn sheep too.

10. Explore the Yellowstone County Museum

Last but not least, don’t miss the Yellowstone County Museum. This cool museum shows you the history and culture of the Yellowstone Valley, all the way back to dinosaurs!

They have stuff about the rocks and land, how people lived way back when, and even dinosaurs. You’ll see cool things, pictures, and displays that make history come alive.

One really neat part is the outdoor area with old buildings and vehicles you can check out up close. From a tiny schoolhouse to an old fire truck, it’s a fun way to see how things were back then.

So that’s it – the top 10 fun things to do in Billings MT! Whether you live there or are just visiting, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Have a blast exploring Billings!

FAQs about Fun Things to Do in Billings Mt

Is Billings Montana worth visiting?

Yes, with its rich history, natural beauty, and attractions like Pictograph Cave State Park and Yellowstone Art Museum.

Why is Billings Montana so popular?

Billings boasts stunning landscapes, historic sites like Moss Mansion, vibrant downtown life on Montana Avenue.

What is there to do in Billings, Montana for kids?

The Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Museum offers interactive exhibits. Plus the zoo thrills young animal lovers.

fun things to do in billings mt

Billings: Beyond the Rest Stop – Uncover a City’s Hidden Gems

So, what’s the real scoop on fun things to do in Billings MT? Forget about just passing through; this city is a treasure trove of culture and adventure that deserves your full attention.

From the Yellowstone Art Museum, brimming with both contemporary and historic art pieces, to Pictograph Cave State Park where ancient stories whisper from rock walls — every corner tells a story.

Craving some comfort food after all that exploring? The Sassy Biscuit Co. serves up dishes so good they’ll make you want to move here.

And if it’s nightlife you’re after, Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill offers a chill spot to unwind with craft drinks in hand.

This isn’t just another stopover; it’s a place where memories are made effortlessly.

Whether you’re soaking up history at Moss Mansion or catching an inspiring show at Alberta Bair Theater, Billings rolls out its charm like no other town.

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