Billings Best Hiking Trails

One of our favorite activities in the Billings area is hitting the trails on a hike with family and friends! And there are some amazing views in Billings. Here’s a list of my favorite places to hike with a view:  

Billings’ Best Tourist Attractions

When we live in a place for a long time, you sometimes forget about all of the wonderful attractions that exist in your own back yard. Billings, Montana’s history and unique topography make it an interesting destination for both locals and visitors. People traveling into Billings’ Logan International Airport during the daylight hours get to […]

Outdoor Winter Activities in the Billings Area

It may not be picnic in the park weather outside, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of stuff to do around here. In fact the Billings Area can get pretty creative when it comes to winter activities. I personally love to go to go hiking or biking along the rims, or on snowy days, […]

Outdoor Activities Galore

If you love the great outdoors, and the activities that go along with being outside, you are in the right place. Billings offers parks, rivers, rimrocks, trails, and outdoor activities residents love.