Free Home Buying Guide

Want to buy a house, without all the cost and drama of buying a money pit? We’ve put together this brief guide to how to help you during the home buying process. Download our free guide: Seven Ways to Avoid Buying a Property Lemon. Have home buying questions specific to your goals, feel free to […]

Why Complete a Final Walk-Through When Buying a House

Congratulations, you bought a house. You’ve had a qualified inspector complete a detailed inspection, made an agreement with the seller regarding what items they will fix, the appraisal is done, and now you are waiting for closing day. Now what? The second to last step in the home buying process, in our recommendation, is the […]

Homes For Sale Under $300,000

Billings residential real estate has seen a consistent appreciation rate of around 3% for almost 20 years. Home prices steadily increase earning homeowners equity over time. Like in many other areas, the real estate market in Billings for the year 2020 was unique. The average home price in Billings increased from around $250,000 to $280,000, […]

Buying or Selling Real Estate in Billings in 2020

I’m often asked whether homes are being bought and sold in Billings, Montana during the COVID-19 pandemic. The easy answer is, yes, most definitely. But there is more to the story. Even during a pandemic, people continue to have life events; like marriages, divorces, deaths, and babies. Adult children move back in with parents, and […]