Outlying Areas

One of the best aspects of living in Billings is the fact that you don’t have to live in the city at all, yet still be close to amenities you enjoy. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having your own hobby farm – look west toward Laurel, or east toward Shepherd, Huntley, Worden or Ballantine for […]


downtown billings real estate

Downtown Billings is known for its historic homes. The most notable is the P.B. Moss Mansion on Division Street, now known as the Moss Mansion Museum. Whether you head northeast or west from the Moss Mansion, downtown Billings is full of beautiful homes built in the early 1900’s. If historic homes are your cup of […]

West End

If you’re moving to Billings, the West End is one neighborhood your will likely hear about. The West End includes everything west of 24th Street West, from the Rimrocks to Interstate 90. As one of the most sought-after areas of town, Billings is growing westward by leaps and bounds, making the West End an ideal […]


If you enjoy vast expanses of residential neighborhoods with all the amenities of a small town, the Heights is the area for you. The Heights is named for its higher elevation as it is perched on the top of the sandstone rimrocks that run throughout the Billings landscape. Located within 10 minutes of the airport, […]